VADER Page 1Our standard length 6 bolt “Hybrid” 4G63 Vader rod weighs in at a lean and mean 486 grams. To put this into perspective, a similarly configured Manley “Turbo Tuff” series steel rod weighs a fat Albert 697 grams.

That’s an incredible 31% reduction in reciprocating weight over the Manley rod. Looking at it a different way, and doing some simple math, using our aluminum rod will drop an incredible 844 grams (1.86 pounds) from off of your total reciprocating mass over the Manley steel rod! That’s sort of a big deal.

We also match balance our rod sets within a single gram or less so rest assured, nothing funky goes on when it comes to balancing. Yep…we put in the overtime at the gram scale. Not for distributing weed…but for you and your motor.



VADER Page 2We didn't buy into the "serrated circle edge" concept of maintaining strict cap alignment. Dowel pins are where it's at in this club. This is a shot of the rod cap and rod. Notice the black alignment dowels in the rod end as well as the spin pin in the cap itself. This bearing aint goin' anywheres. Bearing fretting? Our rods have never heard of it. These rods maintain precision alignment within .0002" even after hundreds of passes. Some have pounded on these babies by throwing over 500 dyno pulls at them with no failures and bearings that still look brand new! That is A LOT of abuse folks






VADER Page 3

Here is a good shot of a drilled King XP bearing with the spin pin peaking out…the only sure-fire way of making sure that the bearing stays put at extreme horsepower levels (tangs only locate the bearing shells laterally within the rod’s big end). This spin pin (which is pressed into the cap) is why modified bearings are needed in order for you to use these rods. You just can’t slide “normal” rod bearings into this rod.

For an additional cost, we’d be happy to provide pre-modified bearing sets for you…a hole drilled deadnuts in the center of the shell where it needs to be…so no worries. This is a VERY important procedure to bestow upon us as if that spin pin hole isn’t located accurately and/or drilled concentric, you will have a cocked bearing in the rod and possibly not even know it…until the rod goes punting out the block on its way to the red planet. You won’t be happy…so we won’t be happy.

Why do we offer such a service right at the point of purchase? We don’t like time and dollar wasters…and we’re betting you don’t eit her. Follow:

  1. Ship your bearings to them for the drilling service (that you bought from XYZ Racing)
  2. Pay for the drilling
  3. Pay once again to get them returned to you

If you’d rather throw your hard-earned money away by doing the 3-step dance above, we’ll take it and put it to better use…we’ll buy beer.