• Proprietary alloy that is 35% higher in yield strength than standard performance alloys 

  • Higher in strength-to-weight performance than Titanium

  • "Builder friendly" for the least amount of frustration for you

  • Can Provide You with Bearings Pre-Drilled for the Spin Pin

  • ARP2000 bolts

  • Vibratory tumbled to eliminate stress risers

  • Withstanding Off-the-Charts Real World Abuse for Multiple Seasons

  • Fully CRYO PROCESSED for superior grain refinement and increased strength

  • Heat tempered

  • Oil shedding "VADER" coating which promotes longevity of the part by lowering its operating temperature

  • Precision honed (within .0002") to "on-split" specifications

  • Specially Designed to Crush Skulls and Kill Egos




    We're not going to BS you and say that EVERYONE needs a rod like this. We're not going to even say this is perfect for your setup no matter what your application is. One must always pick the proper rod (aluminum or steel) for their application for optimum longevity and giddy factor. But we will say, if you want to be competitive, and if you don't want to get left behind, this is what you get.

    Yes, there are cheaper alternatives out there...but borrowing from that wiseman adage:

    The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.


    Lighter rotational assembly...shock absorbing qualities...a real racer's connecting rod possessing qualities not found in any other aluminum rod in the world.


    We designed these aluminum rods to help you WIN...and to help you KEEP winning.



    Only the best to offer you...only the best to use...when only the best will do.




    Please call us toll free at 1.888.749.CRYO (2796) or email us to start creation on a set just for you!

     All import and domestic applications (as well as custom connecting rods) are welcomed with open arms! We have no minimum order requirement.