Our By-Laws


We ship all in-stock orders, usually the same day, if not the next business day. Depending on current workload and item(s) ordered, we can ship the same day if your order is placed early enough (before 12:00pm CT). If within the U.S., and using USPS Prioirty as the shipping method, you will receive your order 2-3 days from the date we ship. You will also be sent a notice via e-mail when your order is shipped.


WE SHIP TO BILLING ADDRESSES ONLY so please be sure you have updated this info with your issuing credit card company to assure they have this address on file...or your card will come back declined on our end...which will make for a delay in order...which will make for a pissed off you and a frustrated merchant. If all of this seems like "a pain" to you and you're thinking "You guys are the only Vendors that do that sort of thing.", then please remember, it's the bad apples out there that dictate the actions we need to enforce for others to follow. This is for everyone's security. It's a good thing. If you still don't like it, then go kick a credit card thief in the Lance Armstrong. Submit a verifiable video of this action, and we might throw you a discount just for the entertainment value alone.


We exclusively use USPS Priority for about 80% of our products. For the other 20%, we will use Fed Ex Ground just for the high value and fat Albert weight of the items that are being shipped (such as with cranks, heads, rods, etc).  If you find your shopping cart subtotaling $600 or more, the USPS shipping method is tossed and Fed Ex will step in as the only shipping method available to you for that particular order. Why is this? Because not only is Fed Ex cheaper to use pound for pound, Fed Ex is more cost-effective to fully insure over USPS...to protect those beautiful sexy parts from doom and gloom...plus the ability of having detailed tracking info will put us (as well as you) at better ease. The only exception is for International orders...they are shipped via USPS...which leads us smoothly right into...


International orders: Please bear in mind the strange and odd estimated delivery times USPS claims. For example, Priority International is 6-10 days. We've seen packages in the past take up to 20 days to reach the buyer's hands (depending on their specific country's Customs department). Experience throughout the years has shown Canada seems to be one of the worst for dragging their feet. We're not sure what's going on over there, but we find it only fair to inform you that a lengthened ETA *could* be the case. We find it also difficult to track International orders. Once it leaves the US, then it's pretty much out of our hands. Sound scary? No sweat. For over a decade of using USPS for our International mailings, it has been a very reliable and economical shipping method to offer our customers.


As a bonus to all of you married personnel out there, all mailings are sent in unmarked packages with a discrete return address. There is absolutely no evidence that the package contains high performance parts.


By no means do we sell or distribute your info to any money-grubbing bloak out there. Any and all information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, loaned, or traded for a dimebag. We like privacy at home...we figure you do too!

Comodo Seal

We also guarantee the highest possible encryption levels for your online transactions. Our SSL COMODO certificate is signed with NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256 bit encryption of data when placing your order or creating an account with us. Rest assured, your sensitive info is kept safe and under lock and key. Need proof? Look for the padlock icon in your browser URL window when on our "Check Out" page and/or "My Account" page. You'll see it...




Because we're now using PayPal's credit/debit card gateway to process our orders, your card will be "hit" the second the "Place Order" button is clicked. Of course, if using Paypal Extress checkout, your account is also deducted of those funds immediately and thrown right into ours. 

The only exception is with any custom order that does NOT go through our shopping cart (such as with motor builds and custom rod creation)...where before the order is put "in line", we will request to hit your card for half of the projected cost of the job. By agreeing, you are giving us a sign of "good faith"...to forge ahead with your mega benjamins order.


We also do this as these custom products require some time before completion and we do not feel it's fair to you guys to fully charge you for such an item(s) you might not have in your hands at the time your credit card statement arrives expecting you to pay. That's downright un-American...and greedy of other Vendors that subscribe to this principle (don't they have enough working capital to continue operations without your cash?).

So all in all, when the smoke clears, this is to benefit you guys. The more of a billing cycle that you have to pay for those pricey goodies, the better.


Any return must be approved by FFWD Connection in advance, must be in original unopened package, and must be in resellable condition. We will NOT accept any component that has been altered, installed or damaged in any way. Our Vader "X" Rotating Assembly as well as any special ordered items (custom spec-ed) are NOT returnable nor cancelable once the order is placed with us. Customer is responsible for return shipping charges on ANY returned item...defective or otherwise. COD returns will NOT be accepted. All custom orders that are not fully paid for within 30 days of the job's completion, the item(s) will be sold for the charges that are owed to us. Unless the component is found to be defective, there will be a restocking fee of 25% on all returned items and/or cancelled orders. Shipping charges incured at time of placing your order will NOT be refunded. Full credit on cores charges (cams, intakes, cranks, heads, etc.) will be given only if your good core is returned to us within 20 days of the original sale date. Non-useable cores will not be accepted.

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at anytime...nothing personal so don't be a ninny and post crap about how you were denied of our services for "no apparent reason". We will always have a reason that would force us to take such an aggressive action.


Any modifications found here are to be done at YOUR own risk. We do not accept responsibility for problems that may arise. The modifications shown may not be legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles for use on the street, and are therefore for off-road use only. Always wear your seatbelts. No warranties exist, expressed, or implied, unless otherwise indicated. Any warranty issue with a product should should be handled by the manufacturer in accordance with their instructions.





Our engines come with a limited 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. This warranty EXCLUDES competition use, and there are (of course) specific requirements for warranty coverage. This is an express warranty, there are no implied warranties and covers our rebuilt engines only. If the motor fails or does not perform up to specifications within the warranty period, send it back to FFWD and we will inspect it. If the failure is found to be a part failure manufactured by us or improper assembly we will at our discretion, either repair or replace the longblock (or shortlblock whatever the case may be). If the failure is caused by: improper servicing of the engine, failure of a related component, overheating, inadequate oil supply, competition use, accident, misuse, neglect or which have been repaired or altered by someone other than FFWD Connection or its authorized representative, used outside specified applications or by any condition which is beyond our control, the warranty claim will be denied and the customer will have the option of repairing it at their own cost or having FFWD Connection repair it for the costs incurred to do so. The customer must use proper fuel specified by FFWD Connection as well as proper pre-oiling/break-in, and tuning procedures. This warranty is non transferable, does not cover loss of time from work, transportation compensation, nor freight costs. No repair of the rebuilt engine will be covered by this warranty without the specific prior knowledge and consent of FFWD Connection. Return of defective product shall be made to FFWD Connection within thirty (30) days of approval and prior to the expiration of the warranty.