Cryogenics. A process that we're certainly no stranger to. We've been "processing" all of our aluminum connecting rods as well as every single racing injun that swings out these doors since FFWD's inception....1999. But we are now offering this competitive-edged service separately for any speed part that you care to throw at us!





Components that can receive our cryogenic process (but not limited to) are:














Once the component is treated, a dramatic improvement is achieved over untreated. Not only does our irreversible, one-time permanent treatment strengthen the part, allowing it to "live" at higher temperatures, our  process  increases its performance and durability 25 to 500 percent! The increased wear resistance means a competitive edge against those that don't use our technology and saves YOU labor and parts cost to boot!



Hey, we know how it is. It gets costly to replace broken parts let alone hard to keep our addiction to performance satisfied. If you had a chance to cut your replacement costs at least by half, and have the security of knowing that your components are protected by an invisible "force field" that is good enough for NASA, wouldn't you invest in it? Your hard-earned money spent hand-over-fist for replacing these commonly ill-fated items could be spent elsewhere on your car! We are here to improve the life expectancy of your automotive parts, hopefully the overall "big picture" of our craft and increase your number of trips to the winners circle.









Our cryogenic process is NOT a surface treatment but a one-time, permanent, irreversible process that penetrates completely through the entire material structure. The hardness of the material is unaffected, while its wear-resistance factor is actually increased. This allows the component to appear "stronger" without the fear of chipping, cracking or breaking.



From start to finish, through computer control, we slowly diffuse nitrogen gas into a vacuum sealed chamber. This step takes 12 hours to hit our target temp of -300 degrees. We DO NOT immerse products into liquid nitrogen. That would cause thermal shock and would destroy most components. The components are then "soaked" for a period of up to 24 hours at -300 degrees F., and then slowly brought back up (over a period of 12 hours) to ambient temperature to complete the process.


Most competitors will do a 10-12 hour soak and by using internal heating elements, blast it right back up to ambient temperature...all done within a 24 hour timeframe. Although this will allow a quick turn-around for the customer, that particular kind of treatment is not enough for adequate stress relieving, molecular alignment and component strengthening and therefore NOT recommended! A typical cycle with our patented process usually runs approximately 2 days or more. Our strict computer-controlled process assures that optimum results will be achieved with NO dimensional changes or chance of thermal shock to the component. 




Our goal is two-fold. We want to provide quality treatments and treated products, as well as establishing the technology as an essential process for all serious engine builders and racers in the Motorsports arena.







When scientists at The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Johnson Manned Spacecraft Center first began examining hardware and material brought back from long stints in space, they made a startling discovery. Material that was subjected to the extreme low temperatures of space were stronger than when originally manufactured! This led to an in depth research program resulting in new standard procedures. Today, cryogenic treatment is standard practice for all materials and hardware destined for the heavens above us.

Few organizations in the world are as meticulous in their testing programs as NASA and what is good enough for them has got to be good enough for the automotive world. Especially the high performance sector. Those "in the know" are already reaping the rewards of treating their high performance motorsport components.





It has been researched, tested and proven that when castings are subjected to our process at temperatures of -300 degrees F. at a controlled time/temperature cycle, a denser, aligned molecular structure is created which yields a larger contact surface area. What this means for you is better stress relieving (for superior machine work), casting strengthening, reduced friction, heat and wear.


You see, residual stresses exist in all types of components. The stress is introduced into the parts at the time of forging, casting, and/or heat treating. These stresses create a complex, invisible (to the naked eye) random pattern in the alloy. As parts expand from the heat generated during operation, the retained stresses cause uneven expansion, increased dimensional instability, increased wear as well as decreased performance.


Stress relief takes place when the entire mass of the component is at an equal temperature (surface and core), and then slowly cycled (less than one degree per minute) through a wide temperature range. By cycling these components to ultra-low temperatures for a prolonged period a very dense molecular state is created. The benefits are a dimensionally stabilized component, which will resist distortion and warpage increasing performance and durability!





















Question #1: "I'm already happy. Why do I need this Cryo stuff anyway!?

Question #2: "I've heard of the cryogenic process but what good will it do me?" 



Those are some of the questions that we hear the most frquently:



  • No more warping or distortion of engine components

  • Enables you to use less expensive stock parts to acquire the same benefits and performance equal to if not better than components costing twice as much

  • Drastically reduce the chance of those pesky hairline cracks found in exhaust manifolds, O2 housings and/or turbos

  • Components can run at hotter temperatures without any adverse effects

  • Superior machine work which yields cleaner porting, milling, valve jobs, etc.

  • Our CRYOGENIC process is a irreversible, one-time permanent treatment that lasts the entire life of the part

  • Head(s) not prone to fracture and will stay flat longer

  • Component surface treatments (Teflon, Chrome, Anodization, Powdercoating, Ceramic, etc.) adhesion properties are greatly improved

  • Increase the life of brake rotors by 40%

  • Release stress and stabilize the component which reduces friction, heat and wear

  • Reduce your downtime as well as replacement and maintenance costs

  • Increase your number of trips to the winners circle which will yield sloppy kisses from hot chicks

There has been a lot of skeptics along the way, but no one can argue with success. Cryogenics may be a relatively new technology, but it works, and is here to stay. Just ask anyone in NASCAR, drag racing, Auto-X, dirt track, open wheel...ANY facet of Motorsports as anyone that is seriously competitive, is using this process. Even funny man and massive car enthusiast, Jay Leno, is a firm believer.


It all boils down to more "bang for the buck". You can get longer living, more durable automotive components that will take more punishment and deliver more power. All of this for just a couple of days or so in a computer-controlled super freezer!













Blocks, cranks, rods, pistons, cams...we freeze it all!








In today's highly competitive world, it is vital to search for any means of not only "gaining the competitive edge" but reducing the replacement costs in the process. More power. Less cost. Those two ideas have never met with such a favorable union until now.


To put it quite simply, don't be left in someone's dust along with an aching wallet...



This is YOUR cure...YOUR answer






Please call us toll free at 1.888.749.CRYO (2796), email us, or even click the "Live Chat" button at the bottom of this page for a price quote to process YOUR parts for your current or next build!


Your first step towards having the ultimate competitive edge, superior grain refinement, wear resistance, and component strength begins right here!