GT xTreme Piston Coating

GT xTreme Piston Coating


Necessity is the mother of invention they say. This is true.

Due to losing our piston coater years back, and in true FFWD fashion, not wanting to depend on anyone after which, we decided to do it ourselves.

Enter the research, a huge learning curve, spray booth time, many clogged guns, respirator filter purchases, and exhaustive field testing…the result is?

The almighty Gold Top…FFWD style.








Our ceramic piston coating not only protects the piston, but it makes the piston stronger and more efficient by significantly enhancing the structural integrity of the piston dish. it is is scientifically formulated to maintain the same coefficient of expansion as the base metal to which it is applied. The product also protects and insulates to maintain structural integrity and to reduce potential engine failure.


If that weren't impressive enough, this coating not only protects the piston from heat, but it evenly distributes heat through the combustion chamber – allowing for more efficient flame travel.


The result? Our coating's extreme heat insulating polymers reduce heat saturation into the piston, which maintains more heat in the combustion chamber. This allows more fuel and more timing, thus building more power.









  •    Thermal barrier coating specially designed for turbocharger applications

  •    Creates a hard surface which insulates and protects to maintain structural integrity

  •    Creates a hard, semi rigid, ceramic like finish that survives impact, as well as expansion and contraction without separating.

  •    Evenly distributes heat through the combustion chamber which allows for more efficient flame travel

  •  •  Reduced heat saturation into the piston which maintains more heat in the combustion chamber







Our skirt coating is a ceramic reinforced lubricant designed to be used on any rigid or semi-rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotating, or oscillating friction. The coating protects the piston skirt from heat, friction and wear – resulting in a reduction of parasitic drag, while decreasing heat saturation into the piston skirt.  


The coating is formulated to provide a cured film thickness of ".001" or less. This coating enhances the lubricity between the skirt and the cylinder wall – reducing galling and wear of the piston assembly and increasing the engine's longevity.


The benefit results in an increased rapid acceleration without damage to the piston.











  •    Maintains adhesion at base metal temperatures in excess of 1600°f.

  •    Survives cyclic heating and cooling.

  •    Creates a hard, semi rigid, ceramic like finish that survives impact, as well as expansion and contraction without separating.

  •    Lubricating pigments are capable of carrying loads in excess of 350,000 PSI.
  •    Resistant to most chemicals and acids while inhibiting oxidation.









The same coating we use for piston tops can be used on valve facings! The same principle applies here…when wanting to keep the heat in the combustion chamber, the valves play just as an important part as the piston tops do. Enter Gold Top coated valves!

First, let’s talk about the intake valve. When its face is coated, it will not only reflect the heat back into the combustion chamber, but heat is not as easily transferred to the backside of the valve…which means the incoming air/fuel charge will see a reduction in temperature. Guess what? More power. That’s a good thing.

Now, the exhaust valve sees a much more harsher environment. Being as this poor soul sees raw combusion temps that can easily reach in excess of 1600 degrees on a turbo car, it’s important to keep that valve as cool as possible. Our coated facing reduces the amount of heat being trasnferred from the combusion chamber to the valve itself. Heat kills parts. Let Gold Top go to work for you.












One of the best applications for coatings is in combustion chamber areas. Coating the combustion chamber of a cylinder head can increase performance significantly. In addition, more compression can be run as the proper coating will provide resistance to detonation. Tuning changes can also increase the level of power generated.

By coating the combustion chamber, we reduce the amount of heat that escapes during the power stroke which means more of the heat generated is utilized in “pushing” the piston down. The coating also insulates the surfaces so that they absorb less heat, reducing the load on the cooling system and reducing the amount of dimensional change the head may see from the heat it absorbs.








How does this coating function?


  •    To keep heat in the chamber

  •    Reduction of "hot spots" within the chamber

  •    Reflects heats into "cooler" more shrouded areas of the chamber

  •    A reduction in residual heat that is generated by the combustion process










Piston Tops and Skirts (per slug) 




Valve Facings (per valve)




Chambers with Valve Facings (per chamber) 







QUICK TURNAROUND TIME (5-7 working days in most cases once parts are received)