Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit

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    This is the best kit that is being offered out there. Check it those decide.


    Our kit features 100% Mitsu parts so don't be taken in by anything else. The main problem found in versions currently offered by others is the oil pump stubby shaft. Because of its lack of oil groove, high RPMs sometimes induced failure of the oil pump drive which lead to...ka boom of the motor.  Using this new stubby shaft, the problem is addressed because Mitsu already took care of it for you with its pre-grooved shaft. Another problem heard was that in the process of pressing in the "freeze plug" to seal off where the front balance shaft used to reside, sometimes the thin aluminum lip in the front casing would split which lead to many cuss words and chainsaw-wielding behavior (you know who you are). No more of that monkey biz with Mitsu's seal cap.  Basically a steel plate surrounded by rubber at the perimeter. This allows just enough "give" when sealing that more split casings.


    Daring to be different, while providing you the best and smartest stuff possible, we now include this specially machined Mitsu metal spacer. What does this do?  This takes the place of your balance shaft sprocket. 

    In the past, I'm sure you guys have thought, "Why have that balance shaft sprocket installed back in there if you're eliminating the need of the balance shaft belt? What kind of hillbilly crap is that?"

    We thought that very same thing we give you this little jewel to make it smart and clean. Used in every FFWD race motor.


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