Vader "X" Rotating Assembly

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All Vader...all badness...all business. We're giving you all the mojo we got.


Throughout the years since we removed rotating assemblies from off of our site, the requests kept coming in for them.

"Where did they go?" "I want one!" "You guys were idiots to remove them." "Will you ever offer them again?"

IF we were to bring them back, it would not only have to be better than our old kit, it would also have to destroy everyone else's on the market.

Well, that time has now come. 


Vader "X" Rotating Assembly (VXRA)

No BS. This is THE rotating assembly for discriminating tastes.


The premise behind creating this "kit" was easy. We took the best of what we offer, approached it like we were building a full boogie race motor, and put it into a kit for you folks to install on your own.


Going through each vital component of the VXRA:

"Vader" Racing Rods: You know love them. The strongest aluminum racing rod on the planet.

"Butchered" Eagle Crankshaft: World reknown...tested and proved. Competitiveness starts here. Complete with our "Vader" thermal dispersant coating.

Wiseco HD/CP Racing Pistons: These slugs are the standard when wanting the big power. Offered in many compression ratios that is required for your project. They feature enlarged (and in some cases, deeper) reliefs, a brutus, thick-walled 22mm pin, more meat here...less weight there, plus the application of our "GT xTreme" coating on the skirts and tops for extreme durability and lubricity in the bore. We take a great piston and make it a fantastic piston.

SST Coated Bearings: This is a standard procedure with any motor we build...and it would be foolish to not include this service with this VXRA. Weapons of choice will be King XP (pMax Black) or ACL Tri-Metals...depending on what the build calls for.

Installation "Tip" Sheet: Vital information that took years to refine and explains everything in detail from specific torque values to bearings clearances and block clearancing so that your build will go as smoothly and correctly as possible.

Superior Tech Support: A no nonsense service that we have provided since Day One in business. If you need the help, you will receive it...promptly and accurately...with no BS.  Advice from this shop is a culmination of over 18 years of building these motors. We've been there - done that.



We just can't throw a set of "xyz" pistons and rods, crank, and bearings in a box and say "Have fun!". Our VXRA is truly, "ready to install" with all pieces balanced and blueprinted, all pieces weight-matched, pin bores/pins are checked and fitted to the rods, and rod bearings already clearanced to each particular journal on the crank. The pistons are also hung on the rods. Just file fit the rings, spin 'em on, and they're ready to stuff those bores.

Our assembly tolerances are much like NASCAR's (around .0002").

There will be no surprises. No use of welded cheap rebuilder cranks over here. No use of rods made in Singapore. No eBay pistons. No use of rebuilder bearings as well. Add to the mix that this combination is the absolute best of what we got, and you're talking a very potent and solid package that WORKS.



Buy with confidence because after your rotating assembly purchase, we will give away a few necessary "tricks" that we do so you can rest assured that your building adventure will go without a hitch. Of course, you should know what you're doing in the first place if you're rebuilding ANY motor, but with our tech support to fill in the blanks, it's the next best thing to us being there every step of the way.


To recap, this gig includes:

    • "Butchered" Eagle Crankshaft

    • Wiseco HD pistons/rings with brutus wall 22mm pin (available in multiple compression ratios)

    • "GT xTreme" piston coating applied to both skirts and tops

    • "Vader" Aluminum Racing Rods 

    • SST coated main and rod bearings (King XP/ACL Tri-Metal)

    • Multiple configurations available for your build

    • Oil-shedding "VADER" coating on crank and rods which promotes longevity of the part by lowering its operating temperature

    • Competition balanced and weight-matched components...ready for installation

    • Installation tip sheet for a no fuss build...including vital clearancing info

    • "Open arms" phone tech support if needed

    • Install, head to Walgreen's to buy a neck brace, and then wheelie the bitch



      Don't be fooled by those other parts jockey-ing wannabe race shops that blow out cheapo depot rotating assemblies. They are not all the same. Take it from a shop that actually builds these things for a living and not looking to make a quick buck by following the ho ho trail to Wal-Mart.


      Be a smart those fruits. 


      Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for completion. This is solely dependent on workload at the time your order is placed. If we can complete your order faster, we certainly will!

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