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We didn't set out to merely enter the aluminum racing rod market,...we set out to destroy it.

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VADER rods...the strongest aluminum racing rod on the planet


Raising the bar once again, we give you some extremely durable, functional, and absolute sik-designed aluminum rods for your go-fast car. Not for the timid, not for the squeamish, and definitely not for those that think they can make mountains of horsepower and won't ever have to pop their hoods again. This is a REAL racer's rod. FFWD Al Racing Rods have been CAD designed and CNC machined out of a proprietary aluminum alloy developed exclusively for FFWD.


The Cliff's Notes version...

  • Proprietary alloy that is 35% higher in yield strength than standard performance alloys

  • Higher in strength-to-weight performance than Titanium

  • "Builder friendly" for the least amount of frustration for you

  • Bearings INCLUDED and drilled for spin pin (King XP pMAx Black or ACL Tri-Metal...your choice)

  • ARP2000 bolts

  • Vibratory tumbled to eliminate stress risers

  • Fully CRYO PROCESSED for superior grain refinement and increased strength

  • Oil shedding "VADER" coating which promotes longevity of the part by lowering its operating temperature

  • Precision honed to "on-split" specifications

  • Install and go destroy



    The STRONGEST Aluminum Racing Rod On The PLANET



    For a more detailed, exhaustive, and sip-your-coffee-as-you-read description, please see our Aluminum Rods page.


    For more rod candy, please visit our Aluminum Rods Gallery.


    Made to install in 85.5mm minimum bores only. Please allow at least 2 weeks for completion. This is solely dependent on workload at the time your order is placed. If we can complete your order faster, we certainly will!

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