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Don't be fooled by the imitators out there. All stud kits are NOT all the same. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. Insert in wise man words..."you get what you pay for". Now in longer length!

Available in however many sets you need for the job

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THE stud set to use when it comes tp mounting that intake or exhaust manny


How many times have you undergone exhaust manifold removal and when backing out the nuts, you hear the dreaded sound of...kaCHINK! The stud breaks off into the head? Have fun extracting the sucker from the head and now your quick 10 minute job has now become an all day affair. We at FFWD are aware of this problem, have listened to our customers and have come up with a solution.


We can offer you a CNC constructed, premium grade Stainless 300 exhaust manifold stud kit. Stainless 300 material is not affected by extreme heat or corrosion which lends itself well for this application. The result? You can now do those manny removal jobs the way they were supposed to be done...with no breakage! These studs are rated at 170,000 PSI tensile strength so throw at them what you will.  


We built this stud set around the length of the stud itself…measuring in at 2″ from end to end (as opposed to a little over 1.75″ that was previously used in our stud sets). After many years of installing, using these sets out in the field, as well as getting feedback from the hundreds of them sold throughout the years, it was found that having that little “extra” in thread length came in handy in delaying those nuts from spinning off into never-never land if torque is not periodically checked. Plenty of meat past the nut. Call it a safety margin.

If you are running one of our copper embossed manny gaskets, then this extra length is almost mandatory as those exaggerated bump-outs in the gasket use up those threads pretty damm quickly!


The end of the stud also features a “nut starter” nose and a hex “broached” tip which allows the install of the stud a snap. Merely insert an allen and crank away. No need for the “jam nut” method for installation.


We include the 8mm stud, extra thick washer, and 12 point nut which are all constructed of Premium grade Stainless 300. Available in however you may need for the job…either be it a 7 count, 9 count, 200 count…whatever.


It *used* to be easy to sell those pre-packaged 7 and 9 count kits but setups and applications have gotten way more complex than it used to be 10 years ago…gots to change with the times to fulfill the needs of our fellow man. So this is the solution we came up with.

With individual stud sets, you can order exactly what you need for the job. We know you know how to count. Need extras? No problem as well. Build it the way YOU need it to go.

Like the famous (or used to be famous) BurgerKing tagline goes, “Have It Your Way!”.


This is the absolute BEST it can get in fastening technology and it can now be yours.

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