Oil Pan (6 bolt turbo)

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The only time you should NOT buy Mitsu.

Finally a slick 6 bolt replacement oil pan reasonably priced!

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The story of how Mitsubishi priced themselves out of the market (as far as we were concerned):

When Mitsu drastically raised the price on their oil pans to well over 200 bones, it was a hard pill to swallow being as not long ago, they were being sold at around 125. But we need oil pans. Can't stop buying them and we certainly can't use pans that were dented by some hillbilly's ill-aimed hydraulic jack. SOMETHING needed to be done. Soooo...without getting our giblets in a bunch...we came up with a solution.

Now, we can offer you a replacement Canadian-made 4g63 oil pan (not Third World junk) for nearly half the cost of Mitsu! With a good fit and engineered to exceed OEM specs, it's hard to beat the bang you get for your oil pan buying buck.

What else is the big deal? It's powdercoated for durability and to keep that pesky rust at bay, the pan also sports an anti-corrosion coating on the inside. What could be better?

Well, this part makes it better...

In typcial FFWD fashion with many of our parts sold, we've always included all necessary pieces for a complete installation. Nothing burns us more than having to stop work...go pickup that stupid lone gasket, fitting, or a specific bolt...THEN complete the job. If I were a betting man, doing the "stop and go wrench turn dance" tends to mess with your creative mechanical flow.

This piece is no exception.

Unless you enjoy the tedious task of cleaning 19 corroded bolt with silicone lodged into their threads, we felt it best to round out the package with a cherry on top...a stainless steel bolt kit so that your fasteners will look as nice as the pan. And out of the 19 we didn't forget those two dubious shortie bolts that are used just for the sake of your timing belt's life...and wallet. A pair of oil return gaskets are ALSO included.

The ONLY thing that was wonky to us using this aftermarket pan was the drain bolt and its gasket. How did we take care of it? We didn't just toss the plug and let you deal with it like other shops do. We included the real geniune deal...a Mitsu plug with the reiliable and proven metal crush gasket. Done and done. Don't settle for less.

We are proud to say that this setup has been newly adopted into our race injun build program. Sure...we had a dash of skepticism at first....thinking "What the crap is this OEM wannabe?". But once we gave it a shot and at the same time, put our suspicions on the backburner, we didn't look back. Time to keep some of that money saved intead of putting it into Mitsu's backpocket. We'll buy more beer.



Only available for 6 bolt motors at this time.

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