Kiggly's "Race Only" Bee-Hive Valve Spring Set

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For those running sickening boost levels of 50 PSI and beyond.

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The KINGS'S KING of spring

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More boost...more fuel...more, more, more

When the 4G63 started seeing boost pressure of 50 PSI and beyond, valves were floating. The limits had been reached with the Kiggly HP's...industry standard beehives that have been successfully used for many years in some of the quickest 4G63's on the planet. But as with anything, things change...and boost levels change. The game gets more fierce. If you're competitive, and you've been around since the Bush Administration, then you know what we're talking about.

What's the solution?

Kiggly's "Race Only" Bee-Hive Valve Spring Set


Why do these work so well? Why the big fanfare? This spring is what is called a "bee-hive' spring because of the tapered top. This allows a smaller, lighter retainer to be used (for reduced active mass). Quite common in V8-ville, we can now reap the same rewards that have been granted to the V8 guys for years. They perform really well at higher RPMs than ANY of the duals out there today because of their better surge behavior (internal damping). In other words, these bee-hives just WORK. As a plus, NO modification to the head will have to be done for these to perform well over your expectations! They are a "bolt and go" gig.

For the weight conscious, Kiggly's retainers weigh in on the gram scale at a mere 6.6 grams. Stockers weigh 15 grams, so you can see that stocker retainers are nearly 2.5 TIMES the blubber compared to Kiggly's. This will further aid in valve event control for those winding to the moon.

Steel spring seats have been found throughout the years, the way to go at these extreme levels of big cam profiles and high RPMs...not aluminum seats...and these bee-hives possess the hard stuff. Black oxide coated and treated for durability. Retainers are FEA optimized and proprietary hardneed chrome moly. Accept no less.

The specs?

At an installed height of 1.530", seat pressure is about 131 pounds with an open pressure of 264 pounds at .500 lift. Rate is 310lb/in. You can run them as close as .025" to coil bind (about 1.000") without error...that is if you're confident in your measurements. They are quite happy running cams with .500 lift and are dead stable in their pressures after lots of abuse.

Going after 70 PSI plus boost levels? Yes...these springs can be shimmed (available above as an option). In fact, up to .060". This will net you a seat pressure of 150 pounds with a .470" lift cam. The rule of thumb to follow for targeting seat pressure is:

1.7 X (boost + 14.7)

Put an end to valve float once and for all.


Not for street car cylinder heads due to high stress and undue wear to other valvetrain components

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