Kiggly's HP Bee-Hive Valve Springs

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There is finally something better than duals.

The KING of spring

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Throughout the years, we've seen many changes in the 4g63. While most have been for the better in the valve control department, it was always a "shoot for the highest pressure you could get" kind of proposition. Enter dual springs. They offered the needed increase in pressure that could keep up with the more aggressive cam profiles in the industry, and for the most part, have done a fantastic job...to a point.

With the advent of even crazier cams thrown into these motors than ever before, bigger-assed turbos, more boost, plus going higher and higher in the RPMs to make power, the use of dual springs were finally reaching their limitations. It was either increase the seat pressure even more OR do something different in order to keep those valves opening when they should, and closing when they should without adding anymore undo stress to the valvetrain.

What's the solution?

There is finally something better than duals...introducing...

Kiggly's HP Bee-Hive Valve Springs

Why do these work so well? Why the big fanfare? This spring is what is called a "bee-hive' spring because of the tapered top. This allows a smaller, lighter retainer to be used (for reduced active mass). Quite common in V8-ville, we can now reap the same rewards that have been granted to the V8 guys for years. They perform really well at higher RPMs than ANY of the duals out there today because of their better surge behavior (internal damping). In other words, these bee-hives just WORK. As a plus, NO modification to the head will have to be done for these to perform well over your expectations! They are a "bolt and go" gig.


For the weight conscious, Kiggly's retainers weigh in on the gram scale at a mere 5 grams. Stockers weigh 15 grams, so you can see that stocker retainers are nearly THREE TIMES the blubber compared to our Bee-MADs. This will further aid in valve event control for those winding to the moon.


Steel spring seats have been found throughout the years, the way to go at these extreme levels of big cam profiles and high RPMs...not aluminum seats...and these bee-hives possess the hard stuff. Black oxide coated for durability. Accept no less.


The specs?

At an installed height of 1.440, seat pressure is about 98 pounds with an open pressure of 264 pounds at .500 lift. You can run them as close as .025" to coil bind (about .900") without error...that is if you're confident in your measurements. They are quite happy running cams with .500 lift and are dead stable in their pressures after lots of abuse.

How much abuse you ask?

Testing on these before they went into production was on a spin test rig with just a cylinder head.  It ran a single spring/valve/rocker. Thrown into the head was the nastiest cam profile that could be found between its worst rpm (every spring has a surge point, it is just less severe on the beehive design) and a couple hundred rpm above valve float for 1/2hr straight (all 8500rpm+ stuff).  After that abuse, it still had the same installed force as it went together with.  In other words, these springs don't tucker out!


NOTE: You think you don't need such a crazy spring setup in your head? Think again...with the less internal damping going on (as well as a solid reduction in active mass) you won't need to wind your motor to 10k+ to see any gains from these babies. Less mass and less surge is good ALL AROUND.

They exhibit the ultimate in valve event control no matter where you shift at. How many times have you bought something because of that "little extra"? These have that "little extra" and "then some".

These are standard offering on any head (or motor) we build that will be seeing 8000+ RPMs...which by some odd coincidence is every head or motor that we build. :)


Who uses them?

Anyone…everyone. The fastest guys out there today have been using these springs for many years and are a staple in valve event control. They have been installed into cars that are all making excess of 800 horses and some as high as 1400 angry ponies. Kiggly’s HP Bee-Hives are right at home at 10k RPMs.

Can you handle it? Buy today and never outgrow your spring needs ever again. Enter corny marketing tagline...

Time to put more sting into your zing!

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