FIAV Bypass Plate


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JB Weld? 5 minute epoxy? Globs of RTV? You gots to be joking.

FIAV Bypass Plate

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This mod is something we do to just about every 91-94 TB we install. This will do away with possible unpredictable idle RPMs because of that funky-ass wax pellet not doing its job and also will help to reduce incoming charge air temps.

No longer will you have to run those coolant hoses to your TB as well. Much nicer deal when removing the TB in the future as coolant will not have to be drained. And who wouldn't like that?

You say that you're worried about not having fast idle for warm-up because you live in a climate slightly short of the North Pole? Don't even be worried about it. This is NOT a "race only" mod. As long as you have good engine management (Link, EMS, etc.), you won't even know the difference that the FIAV is plugged. What you WILL know is that the possibility of unpredictable idle that could come from a blob of Bubba's dirty earwax not doing what it's supposed to do will be removed for life.

We sandwich in a .125" thick 6061 aluminum plate specially designed and water-jet cut to block the cooling passage to the FIAV, but will still allow the ISC motor to function just as stock. Done the right way-the sure way-the pretty way.

How can we offer this plate so cheap?

After a few drinks, dancing, and sleazy strip bars, we were able to coax our water jet guy into offering these plates at a cheap price to us...soooooooo, we're passing the savings onto you!

This is the lowest price offered anywhere on the 'net for this piece, so take advantage before the drug wears off, and the guy comes to his senses!


At this sik low price, you now have no excuse for not blocking that hole up. Grab what you can, while you get!


91-94 TBs ONLY

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