Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears

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The only adjustable cam gear used by FFWD.

The only adjustable cam gear used by FFWD.

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Manufactured from the same material as their track-proven flywheels (6061 T6), they feature a coal blasted belt surface (for better grip), then hard anodized for increased durability.

What separates these gears from the rest? Try this one on for size. The outer ring is retained to the inner ring not by the usual screw method but by incorporating stainless steel studs! Not 3...but 5 so rest assured that your cam won't fly right off its timing or even worse, your piston shakes hands with your valves. The studs are Loc-Tited on the backside and the inner gear is secured with lock washers and nuts. Say goodbye to putting the ol' stress-ola on soft aluminum threads when torqueing down these nuts. Studs are where it's at. Also, for the 95-96 cars out there, no modifications are necessary for the gear to work with your cam angle sensor. Just bolt 'er on!

These gears offer a full 24 degrees of range from left to right which is the widest adjustment range possible in adjustable cam gears sold today. Quite handy if your crank/cam relationship is excessively out of phase for "zeroing" in. Even handier for those running 2.4 motors as the crank/cam relationship is often pretty far out of whack.

The backside of the gear features 5 Loc-Tited allen heads on the outer gear. That outer ring aint goin' nowhere once you crank those nuts down.

Whether you think you can't afford them or simply say, "Ehh...they're not necessary for my application", we are telling you that not only are they an absolute must when degreeing in your cams for proper phasing at time of doing that motor rebuild, but also allows you to play around with your torque curve to peak exactly where you want it to or even widen your lobe separation for better spool if necessary. This will compliment your cams greatly which in turn will make...you guessed it...POWER. Top it all off by making your motor look like it just donned a tux and they are affordably priced to boot!


Fits all DSMs and EVO 8 and 9

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