DKS 2 Camshafts


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Tested, tried, and true. Good ol' reliable. It is not uncommon for these sticks to be in cars exhibiting 500 plus!

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DKS 2 Camshafts

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Yep...you guessed it. These grinds mirror the HKS 272/272 combination. This combination has been used for years in some of the fastest DSMs on the planet.



Max Valve Lift: .397"

Duration @ .050": 192 crank degrees

Centerline: 102 degrees


Max Valve Lift: .379"

Duration @ .050": 192 crank degrees

Centerline: 102 degrees


Note: The specs above were taken directly from the cam itself using Cam Analyzer v3.2 software...not an estimation of "what it should be" like HKS prints in their spec sheet. Keep in mind that the numbers represented above are at .050" tappet lift...not 1mm like HKS uses. Changing the tappet lift number will affect certain criteria such as duration and valve events. We use real world, "more-friendly" usable numbers when measuring this stuff. Not "advertised" duration or fluffed figures. Compare smartly.



As an option, we're now offering our DKSs with Slick Surface Technology (SST)...the new high load, high lubricity moly lubricant!

Just what exactly is it?

SST is a moly coating, designed to be used, on any rigid or semi rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotating or oscillating friction. It provides a lubricating film that reduces friction, inhibits galling and seizing and in some instances can aid in dispersing heat.  The appearance is generally black and takes on a slight sheen upon burnishing.  This coating is very slippery and provides an extremely low coefficient of friction.

Basically what all of that jargon means to you is that not only will break-in of the cam go smooth as silk (no pun intended) but cam longevity will be greatly increased. Like to live up there in RPMs? Get this. Do you have (or want to have) stiff springs? Get this. What we're talking about here is taking the stock stick and making it the best it possibly can be...and in some cases, better than the all of the aftermarkets out there. Incredible!


Note III: To CAS or not to CAS? Go by the year of the head...not the year of the car. For example, if installing these cams into a 97-99 car using a 97-99 head, then you will need to choose "CAS Drill and Tap" at checkout. If you have a full 6 volt conversion going on under the hood, then you will NOT need this service.

Note IV: Our $60.00 core charge is a fully refundable charge once we receive your GOOD cam cores within 20 days of invoice date. We can also apply this to in-store credit if you wish.


What denotes a good cam core?

No scratched/scored/rust pitted journals, fractures of any kind, a rounded hex on the shank, and no heavy grooves where the cam seal rides. Rusty lobes are "OK" but not pitted.


Includes a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

Who on Earth offers that on a race part???

NO ONE DOES. We're just that CONFIDENT!

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