Butchered Eagle VADER Crank

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The almighty Butcher...de-feathering the Eagle.

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A sik-assed crank shaking hands with our Butcher-ing VADER process…simply an unbeatable combination

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What do you get when an Eagle and the Butcher get together? Not a slaughterhouse for anti-PITA folks, but a bloody slaughtering of vehicular competition.

These cranks are 4340 forged units and built for some serious pounding. They go through a multi-stage heat-treatment process, checked for twist, stress-relieved, and shot-peened. These cranks are also fully spec-ed (X-rayed, magnafluxed, and sonic tested), so you know exactly what you're getting right out of the box (instead of the possible mysteries behind using an OEM crank).

Each crankshaft has cross-drilled and chamfered oil holes for improved oiling, a .125 in. radius on rod and main journals for increased strength, and the journals are precision-ground and micro-polished to less than 5 RA.

Now enter the Butcher...you know it...you love it...

Parasitic drag reduced...lighter rotational weight...competition balanced to a .1 ounce/inch tolerance practically unmatched by anyone in the indusrty.

A sik-assed crank shaking hands with our Butcher-ing process...simply an unbeatable combination.

For a more detailed, and colorfully illustrated description on our Butcher process, please visit our Butcher Crank page.


For more pics of the Butcher, please visit our Butcher Crank Gallery.


For more pics of Vader coated Butchers, please visit our Vader Crank Gallery.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of this bad boy.

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